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Asp.Net MVC COREMr. Srikanth24th February9:00 AMDur: 45 Days
UI-TechnologiesMr. Sudhakar Sharma21st February11:00 AMNormal Track
ADV.JAVAMr. Shiva Kumar19th February2:00 PMFast Track
DJANGOMr. Subba Raju19th February7:00 AMNormal Track
ANGULAR-8Real-Time Expert19th February6:00 PMDur: 60 Days
DATA SCIENCEMr. Anil19th February7:00 PMDur: 3 Months
AWSMr. Srikanth18th February7:30 AMDur: 45 Days
PYTHONMr. Srinivas17th February9:00 AMDur: 45 Days
CORE JAVAMr. Venkatesh17th February9:00 AMFast Track
DEVOPSReal-Time Expert17th February9:00 AMDur: 40 Days
ORACLEMr. Murali17th February2:00 PMNormal Track
SPRING 5Mr. Nataraj17th February 6:00 PMNormal Track
ReactJSMr. Samba17th February7:30 PMDur: 60 Days
CORE JAVAMr. Bala Krishna17th February4:00 PMFast Track
CORE JAVATeam off Expert17th February7:00 AMFast Track
CLanguageMr. Kishore17th February7:00 AMDur: 45 Days
ASP.NETMr. Satish P17th February11:00 AMFast Track
ANGULAR-8Mr. Samba17th February11:00 AMDur: 60 Days
C#.NETMr. Mahender17th February9:00 AMFast Track
Full Stack with UIMr. Durga Prasad17th February8:30 AMDur: 60 Days
ANDROIDMr. Rajasekhar17th February7:30 AMDur: 45 Days
ADV.JAVAMr. Nataraj17th February11:00 AMNormal Track
DIGITAL MARKETINGMr. Hemanth17th February7:30 AMDur: 45 Days
CRTMr. Hari Krishna17th February2:00 PMDur: 45 Days
SELENIUMMr. Suresh17th February6:00 PMDur: 45 Days
HADOOPMr. Vijay Sunder17th February7:00 PMDur: 45 Days
HTML/JavaScriptMr. Satish P17th February2:00 PMDur: 45 Days
UNIX / LINUXMr. Subhash17th February7:30 PMDur: 35 Days
C#.NETMr. Bangar Raju17th February6:00 PMNormal Track
CourseDateTime (IST)DurationRegistraion
Spring Boot & Microservices
(Weekend Batch)
16th February7.00 AM40 Hrs
Offer Fee: 10,000/-
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Data Science
with Python and R
(ML and DL)
by Mr. Srinivas
17th February9:30 PM50 Hrs
Offer Fee: 25,000/-
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ANGULAR 917th February6:00 AM40 Hrs
Offer Fee: 12,000/-
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Google Cloud Platform (GCP)17th February6:30 AM35 Hrs
Offer Fee: 14,000/-
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C Language17th February7:00 AM30 Hrs
Offer Fee: 5,000/-
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React JS17th February7.00 AM20 Hrs
Offer Fee: 10,000/-
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CORE JAVA17th February7.00 AM40 Hrs
Offer Fee: 7,000/-
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JAVASCRIPT17th February10.00 PM20 Hrs
Offer Fee: 5,000/-
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Microsoft Azure
(Admin) + DevOps
18th February8.00 AM40 Hrs
Offer Fee: 16,000/-
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AWS (Mr. Avinash)
18th February8.30 PM35 hrs
Offer Fee: 14,000/-
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NODEJS19th February6:00 AM25 Hrs
Offer Fee: 10,000/
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Selenium19th February7.00 AM40 Hrs
Offer Fee: 17,000/-
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19th February8:00 PM50 Hrs
Offer Fee: 8,000/-
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SPRING24th February8:00 PM45 Hrs
Offer Feer: 8,000/-
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C#.NET & Adv.C#.NET25th February6:00 AM40 Hrs
Offer Fee: 10,000/-
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ASP.NET CORE26th February7.00 AM30 Hrs
Offer Fee: 8,000/-
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SalesForce CRMin this week8.30 AM50 Hrs
Special Offer: 15,000/-
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Advanced SPRINGin this week9:00 PM60 Hrs
Offer Feer: 15,000/-
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ADV.JAVAin this week7:00 AM40 Hrs
Offer Fee: 7,000/-
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Advanced C#.Netin this week6.00 AM20 Hrs
Offer Fee: 6,000/
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Full Stack web Developer with
Node & MongoDB
in this week5:00 AM50 Hrs
Offer Fee: 18,000/-
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PYTHONin this week7:00AM40 Hrs
Offer Fee: 12,000/-
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in this week6:00 AM40 Hrs
Offer Fee: 15,000/-
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Asp.Net MVCin this week7.00 AM35 Hrs
Offer Fee: 6,000/
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JAVASCRIPTin this week5.00 AM20 Hrs
Offer Fee: 5,000/-
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Selenium in this week9.00 PM40 Hrs
Offer Fee: 17,000/-
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SQL SERVERin this week8.00 AM30 Hrs
Offer Fee: 5,000/
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C#.NETin this week8:00 AM30 Hrs
Offer Fee: 7,000/-
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Data Science
in this week6:30 AM60 Hrs
Offer Fee:25,000/-
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(by Mr. Sai)
in this week6.00 PM45 Hrs
Offer Fee: 20,000/-
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in this week7:00 AM50 Hrs
Offer Fee: 6,000/-
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ANDROIDin this week8.00 AM40 Hrs
Offer Fee: 12,000/-
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in this week7:30 AM35 Hrs
Offer Fee: 14,000/-
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Linux Adminin this week6.00 AM30 Hrs
Special Offer: 6,000/-
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CORE JAVAin this week6.00 AM40 Hrs
Offer Fee:7,000/-
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React JSin this week6.00 AM20 HrsRegister Now
Selenium (Weekend)in this week2.00 PM40 HrsRegister Now
SOAP & RESTful Web Servicesin this week8.00 AM30 Hrs
Special Offer: 8,000/-
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JAVA TOOLSin this week10:00 PM45 HrsRegister Now
Html5/CSS3 & Javascript ES6+in this week9.00 PM40 HrsRegister Now
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
AZ-900 Exam Certification Training
in this week7.00 AM30 HrsRegister Now
RPA (Blue Prism)in this week7.00 AM20 HrsRegister Now
SPARK with Scalain this week8.00 AM40 HrsRegister Now
Djangoin this week7.00 AM40 HrsRegister Now
CourseTimeStart DateDurationRegistration
PYTHON10:00 AM22nd & 23rd Feb6 WeekendsRegister
(by Mr. Samba)
10:00 AM22nd & 23rd Feb2 DaysRegister
Spring Boot, MicroServices10:00 AM29th Feb & 1st Mar2 DaysRegister
REACTJS10.00 AM7th & 8th March2 DaysRegister
CORE JAVA10:00 AM14th & 15th March6 WeekendsRegister
DEVOPS8.00 AM21st & 22nd March6 WeekendsRegister
AWS11.00 AM21st & 22nd March6 WeekendsRegister
ORACLE10:00 AM6 WeekendsRegister
(by Mr. Srinivas)
10.00 AM6 WeekendsRegister
NODEJS10:00 AM2 DaysRegister
C Language10:00 AM6 WeekendsRegister
Spring Cloud, Security10:00 AM2 DaysRegister
Microsoft AZURE10:00 AM6 WeekendsRegister
DATA SCIENCE10:00 AM8 WeekendsRegister
SELENIUM10:00 AM6 WeekendsRegister
BLUE PRISM10:00 AM5 WeekendsRegister
Artificial Intelligence10:00 AM8 WeekendsRegister
BLUE PRISM10:00 AM5 WeekendsRegister
Course NameFaculty NameDateTimeRegister
Java Real-Time ProjectBy Raghu27th January11.00 AMRegister Now
SELENIUM Real-Time ProjectBy Mr. Suresh2nd January11.00 AMRegister Now
AWS Real-Time ProjectsMr. Sai11:00 AMRegister Now
DATA SCIENCE Real-Time ProjectsBy Real-Time Expert10:30 AMRegister Now
PYTHON Real-Time ProjectBy Real Time Expert9:00 AMRegister Now
UI Real-Time ProjectBy Mr. Srinivas11.00 AMRegister Now
.NET Real-Time ProjectBy Mr. Srikanth9.00 AMRegister Now

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